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Tammy Robinson- Out of the Park Snowcones and More

In a community where baseball and softball are cherished, Tammy Robinson’s innovative snow cone business, Out of the Park Snowcones and More, has become a beloved local fixture. The family-run venture was inspired by the absence of concessions at local ballparks, leading to the creation of their aptly named mobile snow cone stand. This venture has been a journey of hard work, family bonding, and community engagement. Despite facing challenges such as navigating permits and dealing with unpredictable weather, Tammy and her family have found immense satisfaction in stepping away from their routine jobs to pursue something they love. Their son and husband frequently help out, creating cherished family memories and strengthening their bond through the shared experience.


Out of the Park Snowcones and More distinguishes itself from competitors like Kona Ice and Bahama Buck's with a cost-efficient, mobile business model offering over 30 diverse flavors, including popular choices like Tiger's Blood and unique options such as Pickle and Fruit Punch. The positive community response, with frequent requests for private events and enthusiastic repeat customers, underscores their success. Tammy reflects on her entrepreneurial journey by advising patience and recognizing the support of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and PeopleFund as crucial to their achievements.

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