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Pam Light- Lone Star Child Care

Pam Light has significantly brightened her Shallowater community through the heartfelt services provided by her Lonestar Child Care Center. Recognizing a crucial need for daycare facilities within her town, Pam extended her mother's legacy by establishing this nurturing care center. The priceless moments when little ones eagerly rush to give her warm hugs or depart with fond embraces are testament to the trust and affection cultivated within her center. 

Pam's daycare is more than just a business; it is a vital pillar of the Shallowater community. As the sole daycare provider in town, Pam and her dedicated team have become integral to the fabric of local life, touching the hearts of many families. The appreciation expressed by residents highlights the positive impact Lonestar Child Care Center has on its surroundings. Distinguished by its intimate, family-like ambiance, the center provides a second home filled with warmth and familiarity for the children. With the support and guidance of the SBDC, Pam has successfully navigated the complexities of business management, allowing her to focus on creating a nurturing environment where children thrive and families flourish.

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