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Robert Burton- Harbor Loot

Harbor Loot, founded by Robert Burton, emerged from his passion for board gaming and a desire to transform that love into a thriving business. Inspired by quality time spent with friends and family, Robert channeled his enthusiasm for game theory and design into creating a company dedicated to enhancing gaming experiences. A significant milestone was captured in a photo of his first sale to a close friend, symbolizing the crucial support of his community. Harbor Loot’s mission to spread joy through gaming upgrades has reached over 37,000 gamers in the USA and Canada. Their commitment is reflected in their email signature: “Spread Joy, Spread Gaming Goodness!” Through active community engagement, including donations and partnerships, the company continues to foster relationships within the gaming community.

Harbor Loot distinguishes itself from foreign competitors by embracing a small business ethos based on integrity and passion, offering high-quality products from Lubbock, Texas. As a veteran-owned company, they focus on providing maximum value through a direct-to-consumer model. Robert's journey as an entrepreneur has been marked by initial struggles with self-esteem, turning challenges into learning opportunities. He advises new entrepreneurs to embrace mistakes as part of the growth process. With support from the SBDC for business consulting and potential SBA-backed loans, Robert's dedication to spreading joy in the gaming world remains unwavering as Harbor Loot continues to flourish.

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