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Dee Murdock- Leash and Collar Pet Care

The Leash and Collar Pet Care, under the dedicated ownership of Dee Murdock, is a testament to the fusion of passion and astute business strategy. Originating from a government contract, Dee wisely directed her lifelong love for animals, particularly dogs, into a thriving enterprise. With six years of successful operation and a committed team of four, the business transcends conventional pet services to become a beacon of Dee's unwavering dedication to animal welfare. Notably, Dee's approach goes beyond mere convenience; she offers dogs the compassionate alternative of roaming freely within the comfort of her home, challenging the notion of traditional boarding kennels as inhumane.

Dee's journey underscores the significance of autonomy and financial prudence in entrepreneurship. She cherishes the freedom her profession affords her, allowing ample time for her true passion—caring for animals. Reflecting on her experience, Dee advises her younger self to prioritize financial management, advocating for the inclusion of a professional bookkeeper from the outset. Moreover, she highlights the importance of starting the business earlier and emphasizes the need for strategic financial planning. Dee's acknowledgment of the SBDC's invaluable support underscores the importance of seeking guidance and resources in the entrepreneurial journey, showcasing the profound impact of mentorship and assistance in fostering business success.

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