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Scott Stofel- Java Jet

Scott Stofel is a serial entrepreneur. He was the owner of Tough Guys Moving in Lubbock, TX for 13 years, as he led the company thru many market cycles while continuing to help it grow and prosper, with great reviews. Prior to owning and operating Tough Guys Moving, Scott spent about three and a half years owning and operating a successful drive-thru only coffee shop located at 66th & Indiana in Lubbock, TX called Dot Com Coffee, after working with his local SBDC. He subsequently sold this business. With Dot Com Coffee, Scott essentially pioneered the drive-thru parking lot coffee kiosk concept in the Lubbock area. 


Scott came back to the SBDC in 2021 wanting to return to the coffee industry, and he worked with consultant Ray Laurent on a business plan he could present to banks or investors. While looking for a location for a drive-thru kiosk, he came across an opportunity to take over a mobile BBQ truck and convert it into a mobile coffee truck. Although this was not the original intention of how Java Jet would start out, it has the opportunity to be a better plan for a startup. Potential brick and mortar locations can now be tested, customers acquired, and learning curves mastered beforehand. This results in a potentially faster return on investment for Java Jet. The mobile unit also serves as a great money making marketing tool for all Java Jet locations. 


Scott will keep working with the Lubbock SBDC at Texas Tech as he seeks to expand in the future. 

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