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Taylor McIntire Tracey Leatherwood- The Turquoise Lily

Taylor McIntire sought assistance from the SBDC to relocate her women's clothing boutique, The Turquoise Lily, to a larger space. Originally starting by showcasing apparel at local events, Taylor and her mother, Tracey Leatherwood, eventually opened a retail spot inside KK’s Corner Mall. However, as their online and in-store sales grew, they realized they had outgrown their current location due to space limitations and a lack of street-side presence. With the goal of moving to a brick-and-mortar storefront, they approached the SBDC for guidance in securing a business loan and developing a business plan.


Working closely with the SBDC, Taylor and Tracey crafted a comprehensive business plan supported by financial projections and market research. This facilitated their successful acquisition of the necessary funding to relocate to the new store. The new location proved to be a hit with customers, surpassing previous sales numbers. Taylor credits the SBDC for their assistance in understanding the financial aspects of their business, ultimately leading to improved business performance.

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