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Susan Talkmitt - The Nest Egg

Nest Egg, a standout in event decor, achieved a remarkable feat last year when Susan Talkmitt and her team adorned the White House's Green Room and East Room during Thanksgiving. Invited by John Botello, a Tech Alumni and White House Creative Manager, Talkmitt's exceptional work at Nest Egg caught his eye, leading to this prestigious collaboration. Their outstanding performance not only impressed customers but also earned the admiration of Lubbock's community, reflecting Nest Egg's commitment to excellence. Looking forward, Nest Egg is eager to continue serving and exploring new opportunities.

Susan Talkmitt's journey with Nest Egg began at the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) on January 28, 2019. Seeking guidance for business expansion, she focused on a business plan and financing basics. Through dedicated consulting with Ray Laurent, Nest Egg flourished nationwide, showcasing the impact of strategic planning and collaboration celebrated by the SBDC.

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