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Sirtarus Williams- Palasades

Palasades, born from Sirtarus Williams' observation of the joy sparked by rented slingshots in Lubbock, represents more than just a business venture. Recognizing an opportunity to enhance the city's entertainment landscape, Sirtarus embarked on a mission to create inclusive experiences for all. Palasades stands out for its commitment to affordability, ensuring that the thrill of a slingshot ride is accessible to everyone, irrespective of financial means. For Sirtarus, this endeavor is a manifestation of his lifelong dedication to serving the community, aiming to spread happiness and forge lasting memories in Lubbock.

Sirtarus's journey underscores the importance of perseverance and authenticity in entrepreneurship. He encourages others to cultivate their unique inspirations into extraordinary endeavors, echoing his own dedication to realizing the potential of Palasades. With the invaluable support of the SBDC, Sirtarus transformed his vision into reality, driven by a desire to see smiles on his customers' faces. As he finds resonance with Michael Jackson's "Bad" album, symbolizing resilience and triumph, Sirtarus aspires for Palasades to inspire others to embrace life's joys fully, right within their own town of Lubbock.

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