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James Thornton & Nusara Thuansri Leatherwood- Thai Pepper

James Thornton and Nusara (Nus) Thuansri sought guidance from the SBDC when presented with the opportunity to purchase Thai Pepper, a beloved local Thai restaurant that had closed temporarily after the passing of the original owner due to COVID-19. Recognizing the need for financing, James and Nus collaborated with the SBDC to develop a comprehensive business plan to present to the bank. Leveraging Nus's Thai heritage and extensive experience in the local Thai restaurant scene, they crafted a plan to ensure the restaurant's continued success under new ownership.


With the assistance of the SBDC, James and Nus meticulously reviewed the company's financial history, formulated projections, and tailored their plan to showcase their commitment to maintaining Thai Pepper's legacy. Successfully securing the necessary financing, they reopened the restaurant to a bustling reception, possibly even surpassing previous levels of business. Thanks to the dedication of the new owners and the support provided by the SBDC, Thai Pepper remains a cherished tradition in Lubbock, Texas.

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