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Glazed Honey Ham

Matt & Randy Laycock

Glazed Honey Ham is one of Lubbock's "staple" businesses, serving lunch to the Lubbock community and selling their famous Glazed Honey Hams throughout the country. Serving Lubbock since 1989, Glazed Honey Ham was even featured in 2013 on a special holiday edition of the Food Network's show  Unwrapped". 

In 2018, Matt Laycock and his father, Randy Laycock, came to the SBDC to seek assistance to purchase the business from the owners. A long time Glazed Honey Ham employee, Matt Laycock knew the business inside and out, and was the perfect candidate to continue its legacy. After months of hard work, including financial projections from the SBDC and negotiations with the sellers, they were approved for a loan and took over the business in August 2019. 

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